Graphite heat exchanger
Graphite absorber
Jet pump unit
Graphite hydrochloric acid synthetic furnace
Sulfuric acid dilution cooling uint
Various tower equipments
Graphite reaction still
Graphite lining reaction still and storage tank
Graphite tower equipment
Graphite pipe, plate and brick
Carbon sintering pipe filter
Tubular reactor (used in compound fertilizer plant)

Nantong Graphite Equipment Plant(Nantong black shield Graphite Equipment Co., Ltd.) is located in Nantong City with over 30 years history. It is member unit of China Chemical Anti-corrosion Technical Association, Graphite Equipment Fixed Plant of China Chemical Equipment Plant and the only professional graphite equipment manufacturer of China Chemical Anti-corrosion Technical Association. In 1992, our company has been pointed as 2nd level quality supervision unit by China Chemical Equipment General Corporation and our company is among the earliest that passed ISO9001 quality system authentication.

Our plant is professional in the production of various graphite products, such as, graphite heat exchanger, exhausted gas absorber, sulfuric acid dilution cooling uint, trichloracetic aldehyde chlorination tower, graphite graphite, high vacuum graphite steam-jet pump, and graphite pipeline in 15 category and thousand of specifications. Our products are widely used in chemical, pesticide, medical, gasoline, metallurgy and light industry. Our company won the 1st prize in the spot check by National Technical Supervision Bureau Ministry of Chemical Industry non-metallic material and equipment quality testing center. In addition, our products are welcomed domestic and abroad and have been exported to Thailand, Burma, India, South Korea and etc.

What's more, ur plant has rich experience and advanced technical strength in the design and manufacturing of anti-corrosion equipments and large scale high-tech equipment. We successive developed pure graphite squirrel cage heat exchanger with national patent and citric acid double effect and triple effect evaporation system.

Based on the tenet of eople first and integrated operation, we make full use of our talent advantages and advanced management system to strengthen interior management and product quality in recent years. In order to meet customer requirements, we make effort to develop new products. In 2008, about RMB 10 million Yuan was invested to built modern plant area and regenerate our production equipment. Currently, our plant has the annual output of 80,000 square meters graphite equipment. And it is one of the largest graphite equipment manufacturers.

We promise that customer requirement is our pursuit. We will serve new and old customers with superior product, complete service.

Note: Please look eidun brand trademark to avoid counterfeit and shoddy products. All our products are provided through plant direct selling. There is no other branch plant.

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