Graphite heat exchanger
Graphite absorber
Jet pump unit
Graphite hydrochloric acid synthetic furnace
Sulfuric acid dilution cooling uint
Various tower equipments
Graphite reaction still
Graphite lining reaction still and storage tank
Graphite tower equipment
Graphite pipe, plate and brick
Carbon sintering pipe filter
Tubular reactor (used in compound fertilizer plant)

Nantong Graphite Equipment Plant (Nantong black shield Graphite Equipment Co., Ltd.)

Add: Wenjun Road (NO. 66 Shunda Road), Xingfu Industrial Zone, Nantong City, Jiangsu Province, China.
  P.C.: 226012
  Plant Director: Wang Kaifu  
  Contact: Guo Qisong +86-13706295870 , +86-13328069675
  Tel: +86513-85669675/85665175
  Fax: +86513-85661739

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